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We have an emergency plumber who can come to the rescue!

The ability to access clean water at the turn of a tap can be a wonderful thing. This access to water is great and something that most of us utilize every single day. However, if your water is not contained safely within the pipes and drains, it can be very damaging to the rest of your property. Here at Rainbow Plumbing & Heating, we understand that not all plumbing services are going to be required at a time that you can schedule at your leisure. On occasion, it is possible that there will be a plumbing emergency that requires the skills and assistance of an emergency plumber. Here at Rainbow Plumbing & Heating, we offer emergency plumbing services to aid you when you need us most in the Edison, New Jersey area.

Emergency Plumber in Edison, New Jersey

Our emergency plumber is available to address plumbing emergencies 24/7. Plumbing emergencies consist of serious problems that can only be solved by the expertise and quick action of a plumber. These might be instances such as:

  • A faucet/toilet repair that is urgent
  • Water main leaks or breaks
  • Sewer pipe breaks or leaks
  • Water heater leaks
  • Clogged drains/sewer mains
  • Water that is moving the wrong direction
  • Water pouring through the ceiling when it’s not raining outside

This is not an exhaustive list of all the emergency plumbing situations, but it is a good start. We want to help our customers when they require services for real emergencies and request their best judgement to determine if a plumbing situation is a true emergency or one that could wait until business hours. If you have questions or would like to contact our emergency plumber, please contact us today.

At Rainbow Plumbing & Heating, our emergency plumbers proudly serve Monmouth County, Mercer County, and Middlesex County, New Jersey, including East Brunswick, New Brunswick, Edison, Trenton, Roosevelt, Freehold Township, Hamilton Square, North Brunswick, Manalapan Township, Marlboro Township, Monroe Township, South Brunswick, West Windsor, Woodbridge, East Windsor, Perth Amboy, Princeton, and Toms River.