Boiling Mad Over Your Broken Water Heater?

Hire skilled plumbers in East Brunswick & Edison, NJ

When the boiler or water heater in your residential or commercial property breaks down, choose Rainbow Plumbing & Heating for reliable repair service.

Our plumbing crew relies on years of experience to properly diagnose and then repair water heaters and boilers made by most manufacturers.

We also offer a maintenance plan to catch minor problems before they turn into major issues. If you’ve been searching for a knowledgeable plumbing crew to fix your boiler or water heater, look no further than Rainbow Plumbing & Heating.

We serve residents in East Brunswick, Edison, Freehold Township, Hamilton Square, New Brunswick, North Brunswick, Manalapan Township, Marlboro Township, Roosevelt, South Brunswick and West Windsor, NJ. We also provide emergency service to Mercer, Middlesex, and Monmouth counties and their surrounding counties.

Call 732-613-7320 to schedule an appointment with Rainbow Plumbing & Heating now.

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3 signs you need boiler repair services

Not quite sure if you should call Rainbow Plumbing & Heating for help? Look for these clues:

  1. Strange or unpleasant odors – Call our experienced team immediately. A strong rotten egg or metallic smell may signify a gas or oil leak.
  2. Complete boiler failure – If your home isn’t as comfortable as it should be, a faulty boiler could be to blame.
  3. Unusual noises – Iron deposits can cause the water in the system to disperse unevenly, leading to loud noises.
Get in touch with the competent plumbers at Rainbow Plumbing & Heating in East Brunswick & Edison, NJ today.