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Three Ways to Care for Your Bathroom Plumbing

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There is nothing worse than having your daily routines interrupted by having a bathroom plumbing problem. From a stubbornly clogged bathtub drain to a leaking toilet or a busted pipe under the sink, figuring out what to do in the moment can be difficult. Fortunately, there are a few ways you can care for your bathroom plumbing, so you are less likely to have an issue that you don’t expect to have to deal with at the worst possible time.

Three Ways to Care for Your Bathroom Plumbing

  • Avoid Chemical Drain Cleaners. Did you know that clog removal liquids can actually cause the clog to be worse and/or damage your pipes? If you’ve got a stubborn clog that won’t loosen, there are some other better solutions to try. If you want to try to flush out the clog first, you might try a water and vinegar solution first instead of a chemical drain cleaner. If this solution doesn’t drain, it won’t harm your pipes while you apply another method. A second solution for a clogged drain is to use a pipe “snake” that can push the materials clogging the drain out of the way safely.
  • Avoid Flushing Certain Items. Toilet problems often happen because something got flushed down the toilet that shouldn’t have been. For example, Q-tips, feminine products, cotton balls, “flushable” wipes, floss, and hair are all items that don’t disintegrate and can eventually lead to a clogged toilet. If you have a running water issue inside the tank on your toilet, you may need to take the lid off the check that the stopper hasn’t gotten hung up or that the seal needs to be reset
  • Turn Off the Water Main. If you do end up with a water leak in your bathroom plumbing, the best thing to do is turn off the water main to stop the flow of water as quickly as possible. This will prevent flooding throughout your bathroom while you are able to troubleshoot the problem.

Of course, if you run into any bathroom plumbing concerns, all you need to do is give us a call at Rainbow Plumbing & Heating and we’ll be happy to assist you. We are your local plumbers of choice! Call today!