Keep It Light-Hearted with Your Plumbing Contractor

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When you have a plumbing concern, calling on your local plumbing contractor can seem like serious business. Of course, any plumbing concern is something that should be dealt with by an experienced professional. That doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t have some fun when your plumbing contractor comes to provide services.

Keep It Light-Hearted with Your Plumbing Contractor

Here are a few fun plumbing jokes to keep things light-hearted when your plumber comes to take care of any plumbing services you need.

Q: Why is a plumber good at playing cards?

A: They know a royal flush is better than a full house!

Q: Why didn’t the tap dancer’s sink work?

A: Because it was clog-ged!

Q: Where do plumbers keep all of their stuff?

A: In the water closet.

Q: Why are plumbing contractors so tired after a day’s work?

A: Because they are drained.

Q: How does a plumbing contractor capture their enemies?

A: Using a p-trap.

Q: How are plumbers and body builders similar?

A: They both can pump iron!

Q: What did the plumbing contractor find in the football player’s house?

A: The Super Bowl!

Q: Why does a plumbing contractor always carry multiple wrenches?

A: Because they are known to turn heads.

And here’s a quick plumbing pun for you:

A group of plumbers were protesting for better pay. One of their slogans read, “Without us, you’d have nowhere to go!”

At Rainbow Plumbing & Heating, we know that any time you call, it’s because you have a plumbing issue that needs attention. No matter whether it’s a routine fix or an emergency call, we’ll always try to keep it light-hearted while providing the best service in town. Contact us today for plumbing services you can rely on!