Five Things Your Plumber Wants You to Know

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If you choose to go to a professional plumber for a burst pipe or clogged drain, you can count on them to get the job done right. Whether you’re a do-it-yourself person or you don’t know the first thing about plumbing, it’s always good practice to take advice from the experts.

Five Things Your Plumber Wants You to Know

Here are five things your plumber wants you to know:

  1. Is Your Emergency a Real Emergency? Many plumbers offer special emergency hours at an extra cost. However, before you reach for the phone, take a minute and think about how urgent the issue really is. The sound of a dripping kitchen faucet can be annoying, but it probably doesn’t warrant a frantic call to your plumber late at night. For things that can’t wait, like an overflowing toilet or busted pipes, an emergency plumber is more than willing to lend a helping hand.
  2. Don’t Pour Grease Down the Drain. This is one of the easiest ways to avoid a clogged sink drain. It’s tempting to discard unwanted grease in the sink and forget about it, but eventually that grease will harden and cause problems. Instead, pour your leftover grease into a disposable container. Once the grease solidifies, simply toss it into the trash can.
  3. Be Nice to Your Garbage Disposal. Your garbage disposal seems like it can take on anything, but feeding your disposal chicken bones, egg shells, and other kitchen scraps can be a recipe for disaster. It’s best to gather up the mess from dinner and throw it into the garbage.
  4. Drip Your Faucets in the Winter. If temperatures are approaching single digits, be sure to prepare your pipes. This is especially important for those living in areas that regularly experience tough winters. Allowing your faucets to drip is a great way to prevent them from freezing and bursting.
  5. Flushable Wipes Aren’t Flushable. The label on a package of wipes might claim to be flushable, but the truth is, these wipes aren’t made to dissolve in modern plumbing the way toilet paper is. “Flushable” wipes can clog your sewer line and cause a toilet to back up. Stick to toilet paper in the toilet, and throw wipes in the trash.

Your plumber ultimately wants the best for you and your plumbing. Please contact us today at Rainbow Plumbing & Heating to learn more about our plumbing services.